Privacy Policy

Player Information
We’re committed to keeping your gaming experience safe and secure. When it comes time for you to share data, we’ll only do so as needed in order to make sure that everything about Spin4Fun – including the games themselves!
When you join the ranks of our satisfied customers, we promise that your private information will stay safe. This is because it’s only used to process payments and deliver services on behalf of yourself- not share any data with third parties like advertisers or marketers whatsoever!
Not only do we care about the safety of your personal information, but also make sure that our service remains uninterrupted for you. We have taken every precaution necessary in order to provide this without worry or hesitation!
Your data is safe with us. We take pride in knowing that you can share your personal information with confidence because we protect it against any threat or exploit!
We know that using a website’s cookies is an important part of having the best experience possible, and we don’t want to take away your privacy. Our only purpose in collecting those small bits of data on our site comes from wanting you as many opportunities for fun!
Partners Privacy Policies
We care about making your browsing experience safe and secure, which is why we use cookies to help keep track of who has been on the site. We don’t collect any personal data from you – just like how it should be! If there’s anything else that might concern or worry our users while using this website then please do not hesitate in contacting us so together can figure out what needs fixing.
Third-Party Privacy Policies
The internet is filled with third-party ad servers, but you need to know how they’re getting your data for this process!