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Here are some of the rules that you should follow while playing our game. We want to make sure your experience with us always goes smoothly, so please read through this carefully before beginning!
We know how important your time with us is. If you ever feel like anything isn’t right or as expected, please let one of our team members knows so they can fix the problem!
We at this company know how important it is to show you our utmost respect. We do not discriminate based on gender identity or sexual orientation, so all of us feel comfortable working with people in these regards!
Remember that people want a relationship too. Be friendly and professional to make them feel valued as an individual, not just other customers or clients!
If you want your conversation partner to know how important they are in this topic, then refer back or single them out if needed.
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Understanding that not everyone will agree with you is a great way to avoid heated arguments. Respecting other people’s perspectives goes hand-in-hand with developing healthy relationships and ensuring harmony between partners in all aspects of life, including when we differ from each other!
We’re the only company that makes it easy to stay safe online. When you receive an email or search result page, we’ll let you know if what is being offered constitutes illegal items in your state and federal laws!
Listed are the organizations that can link to Spin4Fun’s content without prior written approval:
Government agencies, Search engines, News organizations, Online directory distributors, System wide Accredited Businesses.
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Internet safety is important, so you must verify any page of content before uploading. This will help both yourself and others from being victims in case someone uses your information improperly!
We’re always looking for ways to make things more interesting, so please let us know if you feel like any part of this agreement is not fair!